I was introduced to the world of photography the same week I was introduced to the world! All thanks to my Dad, who was never without his camera. Because of him, all our memories growing up are preserved. My Mom also supported my interest in photography, by buying me all the rolls of film I wanted as a kid. I documented everything - from playing with my sisters, to daytrips at the beach, to the last day of school each year. Film turned into digital. That was a turning point in my life. Since then, all my memories, large & small, are organized on my computer, by year & event name. So I can go back & revisit most memories from 2007 - on, anytime I want!

Which is why it's important to face this truth: Once today is over, it's gone...unless you take pictures! I'm a firm believer of living in the moment. Because a photo can't help us relive a feeling, if we don't create the memory first. So put the phone down! Instead of choosing to take the picture over making a memory, just choose me - because I'll be there to make sure you get both.

Your photographer,

Nicole Kholi Seaman

[The "Nics" in Pics by Nics]

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my philosophy: 'There's more to life than selfies'

My photography style is "photojournalistic". It means: realistic and authentic. This approach also celebrates the side scenes happening simultaneously - all the things you might miss! I respect that a lot of your time and money is invested in making your important day or event "unforgettable". I'll help keep it that way!

Because I believe "there's more to life than selfies."

Pics by Nics is on instagram as @lehigh_valley_photographer